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Past Pivot Productions

Cast: Leaminn Ma, Beck Marie, Kevin Ibbotson

My Blue Heaven

by Jane Chambers

A long-term lesbian couple pulls up stakes from the big city to settle on a decrepit old farm in Upstate New York.

Performers:  Aria Treble, Isabella, Margaux Rita, Eva Scarlett, Heathen, Batty B Banks, Abeiya Miraj, Mystic Minx

Drag Out Your Friends

Pivot's first annual all-ages brunch and drag show, held at The Greek Corner in Surrey.

Cast: Adrian Shaffer, Annette DeCaire, Beck Marie, Cindy Atkinson, Kayt Roth, Margaret Shearman, Monica Iyer, Simon Challenger

War of the Worlds (the 1938 Radio Play)

by Howard E. Koch (based on the novel by H.G. Wells)

someone willing to buy her house?

Cast: Rachel Gadd, Nicki Regnier, Taylor Stutchbury, Amy Starkey, Jennifer Tiles, Abigail Walkner, Kelly Zhou

A Late Snow

by Jane Chambers

the death of her son. But why is it taking so long to find

Cast: Jan Chadburn, Zahid Valdés, Jenn Tiles, Monica Iyer, Elyse Ritchie, Kanae Marino


by Margaret Shearman

Sadie Grimes has been up for sale for five years - ever since

Cast: Brittany Vesterback, Suksham Shan, Beck Marie, Kevin Ibbotson, Amanda Smith-Weston, Chuck Mayne, Katarina Keča

Perfect Arrangement

by Topher Payne

of Ivy Corners. This 160-year-old house belonging to widow

Cast: Rachel Dvir, Chuck Mayne, Desaree da Cruz, Margaret Shearman, Tristan Manning, Lois Warwick, Frances Warwick, Natalie Peters

DebuTheatre: The Right Kind of House and Improv by Foolish Productions

by Anne Coulter Martens

The year is 1963, a blisteringly hot day in the small town

Cast: Karen Horne, Chuck Mayne, Tristan Manning, Kassandra Sison, Jenn Tiles, Sam Chimes

Hilda's Yard

by Norm Foster

Just when you thought it was safe to hang the laundry on the line.

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