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Drag Out Your Friends

August 2022

Drag Out Your Friends

Pivot Theatre hosted an event new to community theatre in Surrey - a fun-filled afternoon highlighting the incredible talents of eight up and coming drag performers. Hosted by Aria Treble, the event started with delicious Greek food served by the amazing Faye. Then the fun really began, as each performer danced, shimmied, and lip synced their way through two different numbers - complete with costume changes! Part of the funds raised went to Rainbow Refugee, a Vancouver-based organization that assists LGBTQI+ refugees who are fleeing persecution based on their sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, or HIV status.

Director: Makayla Leonard

Performers: Aria Treble, Isabella, Margaux Rita, Eva Scarlett, Heathen, Batty B Banks, Abeiya Miraj, Mystic Minx

Producer: Margaret Shearman

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