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Abigail Walkner


Abigail has been in the community theatre scene for most of her life; her parents met doing theatre, and she often accompanied them to rehearsals as an infant. She made her stage debut in Sinbad the Sailor: the Pantomime at age eight, and has been hooked ever since. In her hometown of Salt Spring Island, she trained through Stagecoach Theatre School and her high school’s AP theatre program (GISPA), which inspired her to pursue film and television acting in Vancouver. In addition to acting, she has had the opportunity to learn other avenues of theatre: stage managing for Pivot Theatre, Deep Cove Stage Society, and Vagabond Players, costuming for Pivot Theatre, and directing for Pivot’s youth program, DebuTheatre.

Abigail is excited to use her knowledge and experience to help reach a new generation of storytellers that include folks from all walks of life. She believes Pivot’s mission to create a safer and inclusive space for veteran and novice artists alike to showcase their talent fosters a thriving community of creatives, and is a much-needed boost to the world of performing - especially coming back from an isolating global pandemic.

Abigail Walkner
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