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Who We Are & What We Do

Founded in 2021 in the Newton district of Surrey, BC, Pivot is an award-winning theatre group that celebrates our community's diversity by presenting a wide range of content and shows. We welcome everyone to join us and explore the arts in a safer place.


To provide theatre experiences which are inclusive, equitable, and relevant, and to respect and nurture each member’s creativity as we support the surrounding community.

Beck-Marie as Josie in 'My Blue Heaven'
Kevin Ibbotson with a great moustache


Leaminn Ma and Beck Marie on stage in My Blue Heaven

Pivot Theatre’s focus as a community theatre is on providing a safe space for our artists, no matter their background, race, gender, orientation, or ability. We welcome all people to join us – including those who are LGBTQ, BIPOC, two-spirited, white, cisgendered, and disabled – to create theatre performances and other visual and performance art for patrons in Surrey and the Lower Mainland. Our goal is to highlight and support talented individuals and groups while fostering a means for their art and talent to find an audience.


Support and promote artists as we create theatre and performance art.

Embrace and welcome all artists and performers.

Be an integral part of the Surrey community by giving back through volunteering, donations, and sharing of our expertise.

Function as a self-sufficient
non-profit organization.

To provide a performance venue for other artists, musical groups, touring companies, etc. outside of Pivot’s own productions.

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