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Monica Iyer


Monica is new to community theatre, but her love for acting and musicals began as a little kid dancing it up in front of friends and family in her parent's living room. Born and raised in Dubai, she moved to a humble convent-run boarding school in the blue hills of Ooty, India at the age of 11, and then began her exploration into the world of theatre, debates, musicals, Bollywood dancing, pantomimes, and more. Her key roles were Michelle McNally in Black, inspired by Hellen Keller's autobiography, and Jean Valjean in Les Miserables (The Musical). Since moving to BC in 2022, she's joined Pivot Theatre as a co-producer for the festival show Perfect Arrangement, and as an actor and co-producer for the world premiere of Confetti. She has also done costume design with Metro Theatre.


The work Pivot does has been a monumental shift from the traditional theatre she's been exposed to in Canada. Her focus is now on enabling and crafting BIPOC plays and channels to welcome, build, and encourage cultural inclusivity and diversity all across the board. Monica is determined to watch incredible BIPOC performers in the Metro Vancouver area become a larger part of community theatres by working on surfacing scripts and dialogues with a relatable ethos and cultural understanding. A dream theatre goal for her would be to have a production with local Indian stories written by a local Canadian-Indian playwright!

Monica Iyer
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