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Kim Carney


Linda McRae




Margaret Shearman

Run Dates:

February 15 to 24, 2024 with a double show (matinee and evening) on February 17 at Bethany-Newton United Church (14853 60 Avenue, Surrey)

Audition Dates:

In Person:

November 4 at 1pm and November 5 at 3pm at Bethany-Newton United Church (14853 60 Ave, Surrey). Please prepare to stay to read with others.


Self-tape submissions will also be accepted prior to November 5, 2023 at 6pm. Please send your headshot and resume to to obtain sides.


'Moonglow' is the story of Maxine, a feisty, bitter Alzheimer’s patient who doesn’t want to move into a nursing facility. But when she meets Joe, a widower who shares her love for dance, her outlook begins to change. Although the two clash when lucid, their hazy memories overlap, and they begin an affair that rejuvenates and fulfills them. But can these lovers – played simultaneously by an elderly twosome and a young, vivacious couple – stay together despite their families’ wishes and their fading vitality?

Character Breakdowns:

Maxine (Female, 80s): A feisty Alzheimer’s patient who has been moved to a care home. Grumpy, divorced, and opinionated. A great dancer back in her youth. Can be played by anyone 55+.

Joe (Male, 80s): A vital Alzheimer’s patient who arranged for his own care at the facility after his diagnosis. An independent widower. A great dancer in his youth. Can be played by anyone 55+.

Sailor (Male, 20s): Plays Joe’s younger self when he’s living in his past. Must be a strong dancer.

The Girl (Female, 20s): Plays Maxine’s younger self when she’s living in her past. Must be a strong dancer.

Benita (Female, 30s-50s): The manager of the facility. Highly educated. Caring.

Diane (Female, 40s-60s): Maxine’s daughter. A single mom who tried to take care of her mother, and is upset because she’s had to move her mother into care.

Greg (Male, 40s-60s): Joe’s son. Desperately wants to take care of his dad himself.


• Auditions are open to everyone regardless of background, race, gender, orientation, or ability. We encourage everyone to audition as we will be casting whoever is best for the role.
• Actors may submit self-tape auditions via file transfer. If interested, please send your headshot, audition and resume to and you will receive instructions and sides for your submission
• In-person auditions will be cold readings from the script.
• Please bring a résumé and headshot to auditions, if you have them.
• This is a NON-EQUITY, volunteer production

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