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Hilda's Yard

November 2023

by Norm Foster

Hilda's Yard

It’s an exciting summer day for Hilda and Sam Fluck, newly on their own since their thirtysomething children Gary and Janey have moved out. Hilda and Sam are finally ready to relax and reap the rewards of a well-earned and greatly appreciated empty nest. What could possibly go wrong? Well, everything of course! Just when you thought it was safe to hang some laundry on the line, Gary and Janey literally fall over the fence into the backyard, looking for help out of sticky situations.

Director: CJ Jackman Zigante

Cast: Karen Horne, Chuck Mayne, Tristan Manning, Kassandra Sison, Jenn Tiles, Sam Chimes

Producers: Margaret Shearman, Theresa Hamilton

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