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Perfect Arrangement

April 2023

by Topher Payne

Perfect Arrangement

It’s 1950, deep in the first decade of the Cold War. Couples Bob and Millie and Norma and Jim host a dinner for boss Theodore and his wife Kitty, where Theodore announces that Bob and Norma’s "next bold step in their service" will be routing homosexuals out of the State Department. Problem is that “Bob and Millie” and “Norma and Jim” are actually Bob and Jim and Millie and Norma, two gay couples who have married as heterosexuals to avoid scrutiny. Canadian premiere.

Director: Kayt Roth

Cast: Brittany Vesterback, Suksham Shan, Beck Marie, Kevin Ibbotson, Amanda Smith-Weston, Chuck Mayne, Katarina Keča

Producer: Monica Iyer, Margaret Shearman

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