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Celebrating Pivot's First Anniversary

The gathering included a barbecue, AGM, and volunteer appreciation

On Saturday, August 13th, Pivot Theatre officially celebrated its first anniversary. Held at Bethany-Newton United Church, the day included a barbecue and the annual general meeting.

It was great to see so many faces! (Photo: Margaret Shearman)

Founder and Chair Margaret Shearman also took time out to recognize volunteers who have been intrinsic to Pivot completing the first year. They include a number of people who've been with Pivot since Day One, including:

  • Heaven Lively

  • Makayla Leonard

  • Emily Wheeler

  • Cindy Atkinson

  • Maddie Stenstrom

  • Richard Doucette

  • Grace Shearman

She also acknowledged other volunteers who've come on board since:

  • Barb Eisinger

  • Miles Murphy

  • Leaminn Ma

A special thank you was also extended to Tom Zillich from the Surrey Now-Leader, who's been instrumental in introducing Pivot to the community.

Finally, everyone who attended was treated to a tour of the new performance space, got to visit and catch up, and meet a couple of Pivot's new neighbours.



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