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'Moonglow' is going to Mainstage!

Kim Carney's Tale of Love and Alzheimer's Receives Multiple Awards

"Moonglow" cast and crew with their North Shore Zone awards
The cast and crew of 'Moonglow' (L-R): Kayt Roth, Serah Metpalli, Jim Stewart, Trinity Sullivan, Kassandra Sison, Tristan Manning, Margaret Shearman, Val Dearden, Linda McRae, Pascal Belanger

On Saturday, May 11th, Pivot's production of Moonglow took the top prize at the TheatreBC North Shore Zone Festival in North Vancouver. Awarded by adjudicator Tamara McCarthy, the cast and crew received a number of awards, including:

  • Best Actor in a Supporting Female Role - Kassandra Sison

  • Best Actor in a Male Role - Pascal Belanger

  • Best Actor in a Female Role - Val Dearden

  • Best Director - Linda McRae

  • Best Ensemble

  • The Triumphant Tagline Award

And certificates of recognition for:

  • Intimacy Director - Kyra Fequet

  • Best Double Threat Duet - Trinity Sullivan and Tristan Manning

  • Artistic Achievement in Choreography - Halia Hirniak and Pascal Belanger

Photo Credit: North Shore Zone

The show will now go on one more time, this time on July 3rd at the Chilliwack Cultural Centre. Keep an eye on Pivot's website and social media sites for details as soon as tickets become available.


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