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'Perfect Arrangement' is going to Mainstage!

Pivot Theatre Awarded Multiple Honours at the Fraser Valley Zone Festival

Pivot Theatre Accepting the Outstanding Production Award
Adjudicator Stephen Drover (L) and Zone Chair Raymond Hatton (R) present the Outstanding Production Award to (L-R) Kayt Roth, Suksham Shan, Kevin Ibbotson, Brittany Vesterback, and Margaret Shearman (credit: Madelyn Adama)

On Saturday, May 27th, Pivot Theatre was presented with the Outstanding Production award by adjudicator Stephen Drover for Pivot's production of Perfect Arrangement. Playwright Topher Payne's comedic and heartwrenching play also garnered awards for:

  • Outstanding Leading Actor in a Female Role: Beck Marie (as Millie Martindale) and Brittany Vesterback (as Norma Baxter)

  • Outstanding Director: Kayt Roth

  • The Backstage Cooperation Award: Awarded to the entire cast and crew

Winning the Zone festival means that Perfect Arrangement will be performed one more time at TheatreBC's Mainstage festival, which this year is being held in our hometown at the Surrey Arts Centre. Keep an eye on Pivot's website and social media sites for details as soon as tickets become available.


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