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Pivot wins at Mainstage!

'My Blue Heaven' takes home two Thespian awards from Vernon

The view of the stage from the booth (Photo: Kayt Roth)

On July 15th, the cast and crew of My Blue Heaven got to perform one last time in front of an enthusiastic audience at the Vernon Performing Arts Centre. This was followed the next morning by a coffee critique with adjudicator Fran Gebhard, where director Kayt Roth, producer Margaret Shearman, and cast members Leaminn Ma, Beck-Marie, and Kevin Ibbotson answered questions and reworked a scene from the show.

At the awards gala that evening, Pivot was presented with two Thespian awards. The first was the Backstage Cooperation award, which highlighted the team's plan during move-in and setup, which was so efficient that it allowed for not one, but two cue-to-cues within the four-hour time limit. The second award was given to Leaminn, Beck, and Kevin as the festival's Best Ensemble. Finally, adjudicator Fran presented Margaret Shearman and Kayt Roth with the New Kids on the Block certificate to recognize Pivot's arrival on the scene and the work being done.

The Pivot Crew with Mainstage awards. Left to right: Kayt Roth, Margaret Shearman, Kevin Ibbotson. (Photo: Margaret Shearman)

Winning the wildcard slot and appearing at Mainstage was a fascinating experience, and we're looking forward to next year's event right in our backyard in Surrey.

Ready for our break! (Photo: Margaret Shearman)



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