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Pivot Welcomes 'Courtship' to Bethany-Newton United Church

Staged Reading of 'Courtship' Marks Pivot's First Co-production with Naked Stage Readers Theatre

On March 3rd and 4th, Pivot will be welcoming the team from Naked Stage Readers Theatre, and their production of Courtship. Written by Steve Penman and directed by Bridget Browning, Courtship is about two elderly gentlemen, one a widower and the other married, who meet regularly at “their” bench. They share observations about the world's problems and offer sometimes humorous "solutions". At the same time, they provide real insight into loneliness, aging and relationships.

Established in 2016, Naked Stage presents shows in the time-honoured tradition of the play reading - a bare stage, which allows the showcasing of actors and their scripts. For more information on Naked Stage, visit Naked Stage Readers Theatre.

Visit TicketOwl to get your ticket for Courtship today.



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