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'Confetti' Playwright Featured in Surrey Now-Leader

Pivot's Chair Margaret Shearman tells reporter Tom Zillich how a song inspired this world-premiere play

Actors from Pivot Theatre's production of 'Confetti'
(L-R) Zahid Valdes as Lou, Jen Chadburn as Audrey (Photo: Kayt Roth)

On February 6th, the Surrey Now-Leader published a story about Pivot Theatre's latest production, Confetti. Written by Pivot's Chair and Executive Director, Margaret Shearman, Confetti tells the story of Audrey, a determined woman who moves to a seniors home to avoid her money-grubbing family. When they find her, Audrey leans a little too heavily on her grandchild Jordan, leading to conflict and the surfacing of true feelings.

“The main character, Audrey, shares a lot of my dad and mom — her love for bacon, peanuts, and salt comes from my dad, and her no-nonsense, plain-spoken attitude comes from my mom,” Shearman revealed in the article. “I didn’t write the play as a catharsis project, but as producer, stage manager and author/consultant, I have been able to share happy memories of my parents, mostly my dad, with the cast and crew.”

Confetti features Jan Chadburn as Audrey, Zahid Valdés as Lou, Jenn Tiles as Jen, Monica Iyer as Jordan, Elyse Raible as Vivian, and Kanae Marino as Sandra. Performances run from February 16th to 25th, with a relaxed performance matinee on February 18th. For tickets and info, please visit TicketOwl.

To read the article by Tom Zillich in full, visit Surrey Now-Leader.



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