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Pivot strives to produce shows that are inclusive, thought-provoking, and ultimately entertaining. Our selections reflect our mission and values as we strive to provoke thought and discussion through art.

2022 Season

Upcoming Productions

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War of the Worlds

A Reading of the 1938 Radio Script

Directed by Rita Price

Run Date: October 29, 2022

Come join Pivot Theatre for our Halloween presentation of War of the Worlds, the infamous 1938 radio play. Written by Howard E. Koch (based on the novel by H.G. Wells), this production is renowned for the panic it caused amongst radio listeners who mistook it for actual news bulletins rather than a work of fiction. This misunderstanding led to police trying to intervene, and scripts being hidden to avoid being destroyed.

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A Late Snow

by Jane Chambers

Directed by Cathie Young

Run Dates: November 17-26, 2022

Caught in a late spring snowstorm, A Late Snow finds college English professor Ellie trapped in a snowbound cabin with her current lover, her former lover, her very first lover, and her future partner.

Past Productions - 2022

My Blue Heaven A4.png

My Blue Heaven

by Jane Chambers

Directed by Kayt Roth

Run Dates: March 17-26 2022

A show within a show, My Blue Heaven presents two different comedic scenarios in the life of committed long-term couple Josie and Molly, who have relocated from New York City to a decrepit farm in the late 1960s. Winner of awards at the Fraser Valley Zone Festival (Best Costume, Best Sound Design) and TheatreBC Mainstage Festival (Best Ensemble, Backstage Cooperation Award).

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Drag Out Your Friends

an All-Ages Drag Show

Run Date: August 21, 2022

Pivot Theatre brought the best in local drag entertainment to The Greek Corner in Surrey! Hosted by Aria Treble, patrons enjoyed some tasty Greek food as they watched performances by Isabella, Margaux Rita, Eva Scarlett, Heathen, Batty B Banks, and Abeiya Miraj, with a spotlight performance by Mystic Minx.

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